Human Capital Services

  • Leadership Identification and Development (Succession Planning) and Candidate Assessment Consultations
  • Executive Coaching
    • Common Executive Coaching Service Requests
    • Strategic Alignment Consulting for C-Class Officers and Managers
    • Coaching future Partners or C-Class Managers
    • Remedial Coaching for Behavioral Issues (e.g., harassment; communication; or team issues) of C-Class Officers and Mid-Level Managers
    • Effective Communication Techniques for internal and external relations
    • Training Individuals to be Effective Mentors and Coaches
  • Integration Assessment and Consulting (primarily in mergers & acquisitions)
  • Retained Executive Searches for officers, board members, and middle to senior level managers
  • Executive Outplacement Services for officers and managers

Strategic Focus Services

  • Strategy and Resources Alignment Consultation
  • Performance-Achievement Gap Fulfillment
  • External & Community Relations Consulting
  • Assessment of Drivers of Economic and Resource Engines in Strategy Development
  • Lean Manufacturing Strategies and Implementation
  • Customizing Environmental Management System (EMS) Configurations for Organizations
  • Labor Relations Strategies and Development

Measurement Services

  • 6 Sigma Consulting and Training
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Consulting for Management Benchmarking
  • Sustainability and GHG Emission Calculations
  • Gap Analysis for Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • Statistical Analyses (particularly as utilized by Disparity Studies)
  • Hoshin Planning Consultation
  • 360 Feedback Implementation

Leadership Seminars (Topics Addressed)

  • Manifesting Inspirational Leadership
  • Role of Board Members in Non-Profits
  • Managing by Measurements: KPIs and 6 Sigma
  • Corporate Citizenship Issues for C-Class Managers
  • The 3 Most Valuable Mentoring Capabilities to Develop
  • Leading with One Arm Tied Behind One’s Back
  • Leadership Without Creativity (Mission Impossible)
  • Sustainability
  • Degrees of Management Transparency
  • The Role of Failure in Leadership Development
  • 3-D Marketing